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Apr 14 2011

Don’t overlook working for Ronald & Company…


McDonald's is hiring

“Explore a golden opportunity!” That’s what the job application states at McDonald’s, and in all honestly, they might not be kidding.

According to emerging signs in the recent economic recovery, McDonald’s plans on hiring near 50,000 people later this month –better yet, in a single day – on April 19th.

A large part of this massive hiring move is due to more golden arched locations staying open 24 hours, in addition to America’s “jobless recovery.” To put it simply, several of the chains are in need of more and more people – daily. In fact, people who had at one time never considered the food colossus are now changing their minds as a result of the growing opportunities available to them. No longer is McDonald’s just a place for prepubescent teens to find work during high school – it’s become more than just a McJob, it’s become a career ladder of opportunity.

Despite all the negativity Micky D’s received after documentaries like 2004’s Supersize Me hit theaters – spawning a growing concern for high-calorie foods in an already unhealthy America – the fast-food kingpin has shifted its reputation into a company built on helping sculpt careers. Now that doesn’t mean that every drive-thru and grease fryer is going to end up owning a location or sitting in a desk that says CEO, but it does show promise knowing that most of McDonald’s higher ups have had to ask at some time or another “What kind of drink would you like with your value meal?”

If you’re looking for a career – a growing career with plenty of outlook and opportunities, don’t overlook the big M. Good news is that if you do move up the corporate chain, you’ll already be used to wearing a shirt and tie to work every day – minus the name tag. If you aren’t sure what you want to do with you life, take our free career assessment to get a feel for what line of work may fit you best.

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Mar 18 2011

Best Jobs in the United States

Highest Paying Jobs in America

It comes as no surprise that nearly all of America’s top paying jobs fall in the medical field. Seemingly impervious to a failing economy the medical field continues to grow and even flourish in America today. Although the medical field offers some of the most stable and high paying positions there are also some options in the math and technology fields that can bring in big bucks. Do you have what it takes to work in one of these top paying jobs? Take your free career aptitude test to find out if your skills and talents meet the unique needs for one of these high paying positions.

Are you good at math? Do you have strong organizational and analytical skills? You might consider a career as a Certified Public Accountant and get paid up to $138,000 per year. There’s always a need for accountants, and a good one is sure to get frequent work in handling a business’ financial needs. Along the same lines are the Senior Financial Analyst and Intelligence Analyst positions. These careers also require strong organizational and analytical skills, and offer salaries in the $110,000 per year range.

If you prefer working with computers primarily you might consider working in the IT field. As a Software Developer you can work on new computer programs, utilizing your skills in working with technology, problem-solving and bringing in somewhere around $116,000 per year. If you are an expert with technology and are also well suited for the field of management you can find a lucrative a career as an IT Project Manager making around $140,000 per year!

Not surprisingly the medical field pays big bucks. If your career assessment test reveals talents with math, science, anatomy, etc…you might consider a career in the medical field. As a General Physician or Specialized Physician (Gynecologist or Obstetrician, for example) you could be making a salary in the $200,000-300,000 per year range. To further specialize in the medical field as a Nurse Anesthesiologist or an Anesthesiologist you could expect an income up to $400,000 per year.

If you are gifted in math, science and problem-solving skills and also like to work with people, you might prefer a career in the mental health field. Consider a career as a Physical or Occupational therapist, making around $100,000 per year or a Clinical Psychologist at approximately $172,000 per year.

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Mar 7 2011

Highest Earning Jobs

Entry-Level Jobs That Pay the Most

One of the deciding factors in choosing your area of study is the average salary you will have after graduating. The reality is that most people will have to put in a few years of hard work before getting to a comfortable level of income. However, some careers have much higher entry-level salaries than others. Taking a career aptitude test can help you determine which industry would be appropriate for you.

Petroleum engineers top the list at an average entry-level salary of $119,000 per year. They have a strong academic background in mathematics and sciences, so it’s a good idea to take an aptitude test to decide if this is the right career path for you. Knowledge in geophysics, petroleum geology, and extraction methods is required. Petroleum engineers are responsible for extracting natural resources such as crude oil and natural gases.

Next on the list are computer hardware engineers with $97,570. They work on maintaining and upgrading computer hardware. They also must be able to adapt to any new technological trends. Electrical engineers are close behind with an average salary of $85,830. They repair electronics and work on improving existing products as well as developing new ones.

Investment bankers make around $85,580. They act as middlemen between businesses and investors. Because investment bankers are always under pressure, this type of work isn’t for everyone. It’s important to take a career assessment test before making a decision to enter this line of work.

Entry-level economists make $83,590. They research and analyze current market trends to determine the future of the business world.

Another high paying entry-level career choice for people who like working with technology is computer programming, which has a starting average salary of $73,470. Programmers work on managing, improving, and developing various computer programs.

Management analysts are paid around $73,360. They analyze current business practices and whether they are working or not. They then develop new strategies to help businesses expand and become more successful.

Database administrators have an average entry-level salary of $72,900. They manage large database systems for businesses. They are also responsible for keeping all data safe and secure.

Registered nurses make around $68,160 when coming out of school. They care for patients, administer treatments, and analyze test results.

Landscape architects have an average starting salary of $65,000. They design the surroundings around new buildings or structures that are being renovated. They are responsible for creating a landscape that is functional as well as visually pleasing.

Don’t pick a career strictly based on how much you can make after coming out of school. Taking a free career aptitude test can help you determine which of the higher paying jobs is right for you. While petroleum engineers make the most, you might be much happier being a landscape architect and still get a high-paying salary. Effective career assessment is the key to preparing for a job that will meet all your needs.

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Mar 7 2011

Veterans Jobs

Veterans At Work

This infographic breaks down the percentages of employment areas for armed forces veterans. The data suggests that veterans versus non-veterans who score similarly on a career assessment may have different preferences for their chosen fields. The most popular occupational area for both groups is professional, followed by sales and office jobs. More veterans are employed in areas such as law enforcement and manufacturing, and more non-veterans are employed in the customer service sector.

Despite results from a standard career aptitude test, veterans may choose occupations that are related to training they received in the military. Skills gained in the service include machine repair and maintenance that can be put to use in factories or other types of manufacturing plants. Management positions also provide further opportunities for veterans with leadership experience gained from military service.

The fact that more veterans choose law enforcement careers suggests a somewhat heightened sense of civic duty, although a number of non-veterans score well in this occupation area on the average aptitude test. As far as where each group works, a higher number of non-veterans work for salaries or wages in the private sector. In these types of private non-agricultural jobs, disabled veterans make up the smallest percentage.

State and local government jobs employ slightly more non-disabled veterans than any other group. A slightly higher number of non-disabled veterans are employed in miscellaneous career areas, while far fewer disabled veterans have these types of jobs. Even though they may have quite similar career assessment test scores, more disabled veterans work in federal government jobs than any other group. Reasons for this percentage are likely due to similar combinations of skills and leadership experience.

A free career aptitude test can be beneficial for both veterans and non-veterans alike. The military and college degree programs are both valuable resources for career training. The data from this infographic suggests that veterans of the armed forces may have a slight advantage over non-veterans in terms of certain skills and qualities. Veterans who choose to take advantage of G.I. Bill funding can attend college in order to further build on the foundation they started in the armed services.

Veterans not only serve their country in times of both war and peace; they also make valuable contributions to many other industries once their time in the military is over. Service in the armed forces takes the dedication and commitment that many employers highly value in the civilian sector. Even if some veterans do not go directly to college and choose to seek employment directly after they are discharged, they still bring a high degree of value to their chosen fields.

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Feb 28 2011

highest paying careers

The Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs

Many individuals looking for work from home jobs are interested in the benefits, but worry about the possible decrease in income. Because of the growth of technology in the last decade, it is possible to perform a great variety of jobs in several professions at an equal or even higher salary than in a traditional office setting. If you have taken a career aptitude test to determine what jobs would best fit your interests, and are looking into working from home, the following are the highest paying work from home jobs available.

If your career assessment test indicated that you have a strong interest in computer programming, then options such as a web software engineer or a graphic designer might be of interest to you. Web software designers are some of the highest paid work at home professionals who have the luxury of working on those projects that interest them with companies of every size. Both of these jobs require higher education and skill which accounts for the higher rate of pay. You can expect to earn anywhere from forty to seventy thousand dollars in either of these professions.

Other traditional work from home jobs like a travel agent or medical claims processor still command a respectable and some of the highest work from home salaries for those that are dedicated to the profession. Earning an annual salary between thirty and forty thousand, individuals that score well on an aptitude test are able to easily enter both fields. For those with a career assessment that indicates a high level of self motivation, public relations and inside sales are ideal career options. A public relations professional and inside sales representative need to rely on themselves to find clients and then create opportunities for those businesses they represent, so both are very time consuming career choices.

More successful and high paying work from home careers include using skills that you may already possess, and free career aptitude tests can be helpful in identifying and pointing out options that you might not have considered. Technical writers and translators or interpreters assist others in understanding information that they need to perform any number of functions, or just basic living. Both of these skills can be performed right in the comfort of your home and websites, businesses and other professionals are always looking for assistance of this form.

Finally, handling the property or wealth of others as a property manager or financial planner are career choices that pay between forty and sixty thousand dollars. In order to be successful in either of these careers you need to have both a career, a decent clientele and be good at your job in order for future and current clients to trust you with their money and property. If you are good at the job though, it is possible to make a lot more than the average person that enters these careers normally would.

Just because you are considering a work at home job you do not have to compromise the amount of income you can earn. As a successful at home worker you will need to take advantage of every opportunity open to you to ensure that you are able to perform your job and keep earning for as long as possible.

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