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Feb 25 2011

Best Companies to Work For

Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For

The only thing that could be better than getting paid to do what you love is getting paid to work with people you love. Once you have taken a career aptitude test to identify your professional strengths and interests, you should invest some time in identifying and researching companies that hire people with those skills.

Today’s blog highlights Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. The list recognizes American companies that have implemented creative strategies that put the employees’ needs first, but still continue to earn a nice profit. Most companies offer their employees access to excellent health care plans, flexible working schedules and generous benefit packages. Many also offer unique perks, including on-site childcare and summer camp scholarships, state-of-the art gym equipment and sabbaticals, as well as access to life coaches, corporate jets, free laundry services and Botox.

This year, Fortune’s well-respect list recognizes SAS, Edward Jones, Wegman, Google and Nugget as being the Top 5 companies to work for. Google also received first-place in the Most Admired Companies category, along with FedEx, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and Nordstrom.

And, in spite of the recession, 25 companies on the list are looking to hire nearly 137,000 employees. Although Accenture was ranked 84 out of 100 on the list, the management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company leads the pack with 45,000 open positions. Consultants average $82,500 per year, while Enterprise Analysts earn roughly $52,000 annually. Deloitte (#70) is looking to fill 11,000 positions, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (#71) has 5,097 openings, Nordstrom (#53) needs 4,766 more employees and Mariott (#82) is hiring for 4,696 positions worldwide.

On the flip side, it is much more difficult to get hired on by the nation’s top-paying companies. The law firm, Baker Donelson, pays its shareholders $319,779 and legal secretaries earn $50,506, but the company only has three openings. Likewise, Bingham, another law firm, pays its associates an average of $233,800 and its legal secretaries $73,233, but only has seven empty positions.

If you haven’t taken an aptitude test yet or completed a career assessment, Career Explorer offers a free career aptitude test that will help you identity your strengths and weaknesses based on your interests, talents, hobbies and lifestyle preferences. Whatever results you receive on your career assessment test, you are sure to find a company that needs your skill set.

So, once you are done, come back and look over Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. Whether you are interested in becoming a customer service rep or a sales managers or a financial maven, the top companies all seem to agree on one thing: it’s important to be self-driven, flexible and a team player. Companies also appreciate employees who are innovative, adaptable and committed to their community.

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