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Apr 14 2011

Don’t overlook working for Ronald & Company…


McDonald's is hiring

“Explore a golden opportunity!” That’s what the job application states at McDonald’s, and in all honestly, they might not be kidding.

According to emerging signs in the recent economic recovery, McDonald’s plans on hiring near 50,000 people later this month –better yet, in a single day – on April 19th.

A large part of this massive hiring move is due to more golden arched locations staying open 24 hours, in addition to America’s “jobless recovery.” To put it simply, several of the chains are in need of more and more people – daily. In fact, people who had at one time never considered the food colossus are now changing their minds as a result of the growing opportunities available to them. No longer is McDonald’s just a place for prepubescent teens to find work during high school – it’s become more than just a McJob, it’s become a career ladder of opportunity.

Despite all the negativity Micky D’s received after documentaries like 2004’s Supersize Me hit theaters – spawning a growing concern for high-calorie foods in an already unhealthy America – the fast-food kingpin has shifted its reputation into a company built on helping sculpt careers. Now that doesn’t mean that every drive-thru and grease fryer is going to end up owning a location or sitting in a desk that says CEO, but it does show promise knowing that most of McDonald’s higher ups have had to ask at some time or another “What kind of drink would you like with your value meal?”

If you’re looking for a career – a growing career with plenty of outlook and opportunities, don’t overlook the big M. Good news is that if you do move up the corporate chain, you’ll already be used to wearing a shirt and tie to work every day – minus the name tag. If you aren’t sure what you want to do with you life, take our free career assessment to get a feel for what line of work may fit you best.

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Mar 7 2011

Highest Earning Jobs

Entry-Level Jobs That Pay the Most

One of the deciding factors in choosing your area of study is the average salary you will have after graduating. The reality is that most people will have to put in a few years of hard work before getting to a comfortable level of income. However, some careers have much higher entry-level salaries than others. Taking a career aptitude test can help you determine which industry would be appropriate for you.

Petroleum engineers top the list at an average entry-level salary of $119,000 per year. They have a strong academic background in mathematics and sciences, so it’s a good idea to take an aptitude test to decide if this is the right career path for you. Knowledge in geophysics, petroleum geology, and extraction methods is required. Petroleum engineers are responsible for extracting natural resources such as crude oil and natural gases.

Next on the list are computer hardware engineers with $97,570. They work on maintaining and upgrading computer hardware. They also must be able to adapt to any new technological trends. Electrical engineers are close behind with an average salary of $85,830. They repair electronics and work on improving existing products as well as developing new ones.

Investment bankers make around $85,580. They act as middlemen between businesses and investors. Because investment bankers are always under pressure, this type of work isn’t for everyone. It’s important to take a career assessment test before making a decision to enter this line of work.

Entry-level economists make $83,590. They research and analyze current market trends to determine the future of the business world.

Another high paying entry-level career choice for people who like working with technology is computer programming, which has a starting average salary of $73,470. Programmers work on managing, improving, and developing various computer programs.

Management analysts are paid around $73,360. They analyze current business practices and whether they are working or not. They then develop new strategies to help businesses expand and become more successful.

Database administrators have an average entry-level salary of $72,900. They manage large database systems for businesses. They are also responsible for keeping all data safe and secure.

Registered nurses make around $68,160 when coming out of school. They care for patients, administer treatments, and analyze test results.

Landscape architects have an average starting salary of $65,000. They design the surroundings around new buildings or structures that are being renovated. They are responsible for creating a landscape that is functional as well as visually pleasing.

Don’t pick a career strictly based on how much you can make after coming out of school. Taking a free career aptitude test can help you determine which of the higher paying jobs is right for you. While petroleum engineers make the most, you might be much happier being a landscape architect and still get a high-paying salary. Effective career assessment is the key to preparing for a job that will meet all your needs.

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Mar 7 2011

Unemployed in the city

Are You Currently Jobless?

If you are currently jobless in the city and are considering your career options, perhaps taking a career aptitude test will give you some answers. Taking a career aptitude test can help you gain employment in the career field you will enjoy. An aptitude test is designed to help determine your career interests and how you interact with people in the work setting. An aptitude test can help you discover what career areas would be the most enjoyable for you and help you in your choice of future employment positions.

Career Satisfaction
When you are working in a career position that fits your personality and career aptitude, you enjoy going to work each day and working does not seem to be just a “job.” The daily work you do keeps you motivated and you get immense satisfaction in the completion of the daily work duties. Unfortunately, many people are employed in positions they do not enjoy, and to them the work day is very unsatisfying and seems endless. If you are employed in a job position that you do not enjoy, it is difficult to motivate yourself to go to work each day. Work performance is more difficult and usually it is impossible to advance or gain a promotion. A career assessment test can help avoid the possibility of being “stuck” in a job position in which you are unhappy.

Career assessment will help you determine the best type of career and job positions that fit your personality, weaknesses and strengths. The information provided by a career assessment will help you understand which types of career positions you should eliminate in your job search. If you are working in a position and are not happy, a career assessment can help you determine a more satisfying career choice.

Aptitude Tests
Today, many employers also use career aptitude tests in the hiring process to evaluate the strengths and weakness of the job applicants and to determine if the applicant’s personality traits are best suited for the available job opening. Taking practice aptitude tests is an excellent way to prepare for job interviews. Your performance on an aptitude test during the job application process might be the determining faction in you getting hired.

It is possible to locate a free aptitude to use as a practice test by searching the internet. There are many free aptitude tests available online. Your use of these free aptitude tests as practice tests will allow you to get experience in the type of questions on the tests and some of the standard terminology that is on aptitude tests. This practice could help you improve your score on the aptitude tests prospective employers might administer during the application process. Even a small increase in your performance on an aptitude test could make it possible for you to be hired. Many people compete for the same job opening. Don’t let the lack of practice on aptitude tests ruin your chances in being the applicant that is hired.

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Feb 28 2011

Bill Murray Careers

The Many Careers of Bill Murray

Now that you’ve received your results from your career aptitude test, it’s time to do some research on those jobs that sound the most enticing. Maybe your aptitude test showed you have a talent for working with people or you are someone who would prefer to work with animals instead. It’s easy to be distracted by the glitz and glamor of being a professional party planner or a pj-wearing video game tester. But, as Bill Murray shows us, there is excitement and adventure in nearly every career if you just know how to find it.

The Lounge Singer, Saturday Night Live
Murray’s kitschy lounge act rose to fame in the late 1970s. Nick taught us if you have a dream, pursue it, even if you have to perform in dive bars and airport lounges just to get a little attention.

Camp Counselor, Meatballs
Tripper Harrison is the fun-loving, rowdy prankster who serves as the summer camp counselor for a group of hormonal teenagers. Tripper teaches us that no matter how many times you fail, you can still bounce back a winner.

Groundskeeper, Caddyshack
As the manic assistant groundskeeper, Murray races around the Bushwood Country Club trying to catch an impish gopher tearing up the golf course. Carl Spackler reminds us that a goal is worth achieving, no matter the price.

Making up one-third of the ghost-fighting trio, Dr. Petter Venkman is a New York parapsychologist who is known more for his wisecracks and flings with co-eds than he is for practicing serious science. Chasing a golf course goffer is starting to sound more appealing than being slimed by ghosts.

TV Executive, Scrooged
The irascible TV exec, Frank Cross, is visited by three wacky spirits who teach him that empathy and kindness can get him a lot further in life than being an angry, bitter bully. Hopefully we don’t all have to go to such extremes to learn a few important life lessons.

Professional Bowler, Kingpin
Down on his luck professional bowler Ernie McCracken turns an innocent Amish protégé into a money-hustling, booze-drinking, tattoo-sporting version of himself. Overcoming numerous obstacles – with only one hand – McCracken ultimately redeems himself with the respect of his peers, a large donation to the Amish community and the love of his life on his arm.

Assistant, Charlie’s Angles
Showing us once again exactly what a dedicated assistant should look like, Murray goes to great lengths to protect those in his charge. Bosley, the assistant to the mysterious Charlie, often serves as a backup to the glamorous Angels, providing intel or acting as a cover. An exciting job and beautiful women – maybe this isn’t such a bad gig?

If you are inspired by one of these careers and haven’t taken a career assessment test yet, take a look at Career Explorer’s free career aptitude test to identify your professional strengths and weaknesses to see if you are a match for any of these Bill Murray-inspired jobs.

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Jul 28 2009

Looking to switch careers? Want to go back to school but don’t know what industries will survive economic downturns? Career Explorer wants to help you by listing the top 10 fastest-growing industries.

Now, you can find the industries where projected growth is guaranteed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has compiled a list according to percentage of growth in a 10-year period from 2006-2016.

10. Internet publishing and broadcasting: Expected to increase by 44%.
9. Securities and commodity contracts, brokerages, and exchanges: Expected to increase by 46%
8. Facilities support services: Expected to increase by 46%
7. Other financial investment activities: Expected to increase by 47%
6. Community care facilities for the elderly: Expected to increase by 50%
5. Educational support services, public and private: Expected to increase by 53%
4. Home health care services: Expected to increase by 55%
3. Gambling industries: Expected to increase by 66%
2. Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities: Expected to increase by 74%
1. Management, scientific, and technical consulting services: Expected to increase by 78%

Most of these industries have a number of careers and positions within each sector. Begin searching for a career that has positive growth and stability. Career Explorer can help you achieve your professional and academic goals. Search for programs that could fit into one of the industries and start building a better life!

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