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Feb 28 2011

Bill Murray Careers

The Many Careers of Bill Murray

Now that you’ve received your results from your career aptitude test, it’s time to do some research on those jobs that sound the most enticing. Maybe your aptitude test showed you have a talent for working with people or you are someone who would prefer to work with animals instead. It’s easy to be distracted by the glitz and glamor of being a professional party planner or a pj-wearing video game tester. But, as Bill Murray shows us, there is excitement and adventure in nearly every career if you just know how to find it.

The Lounge Singer, Saturday Night Live
Murray’s kitschy lounge act rose to fame in the late 1970s. Nick taught us if you have a dream, pursue it, even if you have to perform in dive bars and airport lounges just to get a little attention.

Camp Counselor, Meatballs
Tripper Harrison is the fun-loving, rowdy prankster who serves as the summer camp counselor for a group of hormonal teenagers. Tripper teaches us that no matter how many times you fail, you can still bounce back a winner.

Groundskeeper, Caddyshack
As the manic assistant groundskeeper, Murray races around the Bushwood Country Club trying to catch an impish gopher tearing up the golf course. Carl Spackler reminds us that a goal is worth achieving, no matter the price.

Making up one-third of the ghost-fighting trio, Dr. Petter Venkman is a New York parapsychologist who is known more for his wisecracks and flings with co-eds than he is for practicing serious science. Chasing a golf course goffer is starting to sound more appealing than being slimed by ghosts.

TV Executive, Scrooged
The irascible TV exec, Frank Cross, is visited by three wacky spirits who teach him that empathy and kindness can get him a lot further in life than being an angry, bitter bully. Hopefully we don’t all have to go to such extremes to learn a few important life lessons.

Professional Bowler, Kingpin
Down on his luck professional bowler Ernie McCracken turns an innocent Amish protégé into a money-hustling, booze-drinking, tattoo-sporting version of himself. Overcoming numerous obstacles – with only one hand – McCracken ultimately redeems himself with the respect of his peers, a large donation to the Amish community and the love of his life on his arm.

Assistant, Charlie’s Angles
Showing us once again exactly what a dedicated assistant should look like, Murray goes to great lengths to protect those in his charge. Bosley, the assistant to the mysterious Charlie, often serves as a backup to the glamorous Angels, providing intel or acting as a cover. An exciting job and beautiful women – maybe this isn’t such a bad gig?

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