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What are the most stressful jobs?

Feb 25 2011

Stressful Jobs

The Most Stressful Jobs in America

With so many employment opportunities, it can be hard to pick the right career that fits your skills and knowledge. A career aptitude test asks you questions about your interests, skills, strengths and weaknesses. The aptitude test then gives you options on what careers may fit your personality and likes. It is not perfect, but it can help you get started on figuring out what career path you might want to consider. A free career aptitude test can be found online through many websites. However, be aware that there are some stressful jobs out there. No job is perfect, but if it’s something you love, then go for it.

One of the most stressful jobs in the United States is a real estate agent. This job is very competitive because of the many homes for sale and competitive real estate businesses. A lot of money is at stake and pay is based on commission. There is always the pressure of time because many people want to sell their homes as soon as possible. They work an average of nine and a half hours a day and the unemployment rate is between four and seven percent. Another stressful job is an advertising executive. They too are a very competitive business, under a lot of pressure, work the same hours as a real estate agent, but have higher unemployment rates exceeding 14 percent.

Public relations officers deal with a lot of competition and pressure in their nine hour work days. This industry also has a four to seven percent unemployment rate. Highway patrol officers and police officers do not deal with a lot of competition because their jobs are not fit for everybody. They spend a lot of time driving and have to be aware of reckless drivers. Commercial pilots work nine hour days with average pressure. This career is also not for everyone because many lives are in a pilot’s hand. The pressure of being in charge of a plane can be stressful for some.

Surgeons also have to deal with people’s lives in their hands. They work long eleven hour days and the stress can be high because of the competition and knowledge they must have. Taxi drivers are also under stress when a passenger is in a rush. The unemployment rate is very high because many people drive themselves or take public transportation.

Corporate executives work long business hours and deal with keeping a company profitable and well-liked. They are in charge of many things. Firefighters deal with saving lives and taking out fires quickly. Their stress levels can be high because they too work long shifts. The unemployment rate for these jobs is below four percent.

A career assessment test can tell you if what you want to major in college is right for you. It can also help people who are interested in a career change. A career assessment is a great tool in figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life.