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The State of Jobs in the USA

Mar 31 2011

Job Search Continues for Millions

The economic state of the union is complicated to economist and down-right confusing to people who never stepped foot into an economics class. The many components that determine the health and vitality of the American marketplace go far beyond aspects such as interest rates, stock prices, or unemployment rates. Even such statistics as crime rate, personal income per capita, and fastest growing occupations are considered when describing the state of the economy. While it sounds as if these things only make the economic situation seem more baffling, a simple graph ( can help visually explain.

As with real estate, the economic health has improved or suffered regionally. Someone living in the upper regions of Middle America and New England has the highest economic health of the country. Those living in the South has the most depressed economic heath. The Southwest states are surprisingly hit hard by the economic downturn, with states such as Nevada and Arizona rated as lowest overall economic health. The West coast fared little better as well, while the upper East coast is prospering with above-average results.

There are things that can be done to help better personal situations despite the overall economic outlook. Surprisingly, truck driving, food preparation, and cashiers account for only 10% of the most employed jobs. Retail (selling goods of any kind) account for a staggering 82% of most employed jobs in America. Within that 82% is wide range of skills, personalities, and interests which are needed. A career assessment can help an applicant not only narrow their search, but understand what personal interests they possess. If fashion and clothing is of interest, selling clothing in a middle-level clothing chain would be a far more attractive prospect than selling books in a locally owned bookstore.

A job aptitude test is a series of questions that the applicant answers. There are no right answers, simply the choice that explains the applicant best. There are many of these career assessment tests available online for free. The results explain what jobs an applicant is qualified for or has the personal skills to preform well. A person who can’t stand the great outdoors would not survive well as a forest ranger. While this seems obvious, some careers are not as easy to determine how well a person is suited for it. If someone has a hard time making friends or speaking with strangers, than even a job as a secretary can seem daunting and hard to cope with. Likewise, if someone has a difficult time being solely responsible for decisions and making them quickly in high stress situations, then management would cause anxiety and unhappiness. These tests are tools to help ensure that the applicant can find a career that will fit for years, not just until a better one comes along.