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Feb 28 2011

Bill Murray Careers

The Many Careers of Bill Murray

Now that you’ve received your results from your career aptitude test, it’s time to do some research on those jobs that sound the most enticing. Maybe your aptitude test showed you have a talent for working with people or you are someone who would prefer to work with animals instead. It’s easy to be distracted by the glitz and glamor of being a professional party planner or a pj-wearing video game tester. But, as Bill Murray shows us, there is excitement and adventure in nearly every career if you just know how to find it.

The Lounge Singer, Saturday Night Live
Murray’s kitschy lounge act rose to fame in the late 1970s. Nick taught us if you have a dream, pursue it, even if you have to perform in dive bars and airport lounges just to get a little attention.

Camp Counselor, Meatballs
Tripper Harrison is the fun-loving, rowdy prankster who serves as the summer camp counselor for a group of hormonal teenagers. Tripper teaches us that no matter how many times you fail, you can still bounce back a winner.

Groundskeeper, Caddyshack
As the manic assistant groundskeeper, Murray races around the Bushwood Country Club trying to catch an impish gopher tearing up the golf course. Carl Spackler reminds us that a goal is worth achieving, no matter the price.

Making up one-third of the ghost-fighting trio, Dr. Petter Venkman is a New York parapsychologist who is known more for his wisecracks and flings with co-eds than he is for practicing serious science. Chasing a golf course goffer is starting to sound more appealing than being slimed by ghosts.

TV Executive, Scrooged
The irascible TV exec, Frank Cross, is visited by three wacky spirits who teach him that empathy and kindness can get him a lot further in life than being an angry, bitter bully. Hopefully we don’t all have to go to such extremes to learn a few important life lessons.

Professional Bowler, Kingpin
Down on his luck professional bowler Ernie McCracken turns an innocent Amish protégé into a money-hustling, booze-drinking, tattoo-sporting version of himself. Overcoming numerous obstacles – with only one hand – McCracken ultimately redeems himself with the respect of his peers, a large donation to the Amish community and the love of his life on his arm.

Assistant, Charlie’s Angles
Showing us once again exactly what a dedicated assistant should look like, Murray goes to great lengths to protect those in his charge. Bosley, the assistant to the mysterious Charlie, often serves as a backup to the glamorous Angels, providing intel or acting as a cover. An exciting job and beautiful women – maybe this isn’t such a bad gig?

If you are inspired by one of these careers and haven’t taken a career assessment test yet, take a look at Career Explorer’s free career aptitude test to identify your professional strengths and weaknesses to see if you are a match for any of these Bill Murray-inspired jobs.

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Feb 28 2011

highest paying careers

The Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs

Many individuals looking for work from home jobs are interested in the benefits, but worry about the possible decrease in income. Because of the growth of technology in the last decade, it is possible to perform a great variety of jobs in several professions at an equal or even higher salary than in a traditional office setting. If you have taken a career aptitude test to determine what jobs would best fit your interests, and are looking into working from home, the following are the highest paying work from home jobs available.

If your career assessment test indicated that you have a strong interest in computer programming, then options such as a web software engineer or a graphic designer might be of interest to you. Web software designers are some of the highest paid work at home professionals who have the luxury of working on those projects that interest them with companies of every size. Both of these jobs require higher education and skill which accounts for the higher rate of pay. You can expect to earn anywhere from forty to seventy thousand dollars in either of these professions.

Other traditional work from home jobs like a travel agent or medical claims processor still command a respectable and some of the highest work from home salaries for those that are dedicated to the profession. Earning an annual salary between thirty and forty thousand, individuals that score well on an aptitude test are able to easily enter both fields. For those with a career assessment that indicates a high level of self motivation, public relations and inside sales are ideal career options. A public relations professional and inside sales representative need to rely on themselves to find clients and then create opportunities for those businesses they represent, so both are very time consuming career choices.

More successful and high paying work from home careers include using skills that you may already possess, and free career aptitude tests can be helpful in identifying and pointing out options that you might not have considered. Technical writers and translators or interpreters assist others in understanding information that they need to perform any number of functions, or just basic living. Both of these skills can be performed right in the comfort of your home and websites, businesses and other professionals are always looking for assistance of this form.

Finally, handling the property or wealth of others as a property manager or financial planner are career choices that pay between forty and sixty thousand dollars. In order to be successful in either of these careers you need to have both a career, a decent clientele and be good at your job in order for future and current clients to trust you with their money and property. If you are good at the job though, it is possible to make a lot more than the average person that enters these careers normally would.

Just because you are considering a work at home job you do not have to compromise the amount of income you can earn. As a successful at home worker you will need to take advantage of every opportunity open to you to ensure that you are able to perform your job and keep earning for as long as possible.

By Career Explorer

Feb 28 2011

Hazardous and Crazy Jobs

Ten Most Hazardous Jobs

After taking a career aptitude test, one of the first questions that comes to mind involves the type of environment that the career will offer. For some careers, the answer may be obvious. If the aptitude test suggested a future as a librarian, for example, there is little doubt about working atmosphere. But other employment environments are not as obvious, especially when it comes to weighing all the potential dangers of possible future careers.

For example, the number one most hazardous job are fishers and other fishing related employment. The field earns this distinction by having 20 working related deaths per every 10,000 full-time workers that are employed in the industry every year.

Maybe the danger sounds exciting to you, as long as the pay is high enough to make up for it? If pay is what will motivate you to take on a high risk job, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to pursue a career in fishing related industry, since the median wage averages only 20-30,000 dollars a year. You might also pass on similarly low-paying but dangerous jobs, such as logging work, roofers, construction laborers, truck drivers and refuse and recycle collectors.

But some of the most hazardous jobs do compensate their employees well. The number eight most hazardous job is industrial machinery installation, repair and maintenance workers. These workers average 1.9 deaths per every 10,000 workers and can earn a median wage of up to 40,000 dollars. Likewise, the third most hazardous careers are aircraft pilots and flight engineers, whose deaths are 5.7 per every 10,000. For putting their life on the line, these workers earn a median wage of 100,000 per year.

Other things to consider while evaluating your career assessment test results are the type of injuries that are most common in each job. For the ten most hazardous jobs, injuries are broken down into transportation incidents, object and equipment contact, falls, exposure to harmful substances, fires and explosions, and assaults or other violent acts. While the sixth most hazardous job, Structural iron and steel workers, has a death rate of 3 deaths per every 10,000, those deaths do not typically involve assaults. Construction workers do have to face assaults, and this job may be less desirable for you for that reason, despite it having a lower fatality rate than some of the other more hazardous jobs.

Potential dangers should be a part of every individuals personal career assessment. After receiving the results of your free aptitude test, make sure that you consider what type of career environment you want in order to get the best results from your test.

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Feb 25 2011

Best Companies to Work For

Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For

The only thing that could be better than getting paid to do what you love is getting paid to work with people you love. Once you have taken a career aptitude test to identify your professional strengths and interests, you should invest some time in identifying and researching companies that hire people with those skills.

Today’s blog highlights Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. The list recognizes American companies that have implemented creative strategies that put the employees’ needs first, but still continue to earn a nice profit. Most companies offer their employees access to excellent health care plans, flexible working schedules and generous benefit packages. Many also offer unique perks, including on-site childcare and summer camp scholarships, state-of-the art gym equipment and sabbaticals, as well as access to life coaches, corporate jets, free laundry services and Botox.

This year, Fortune’s well-respect list recognizes SAS, Edward Jones, Wegman, Google and Nugget as being the Top 5 companies to work for. Google also received first-place in the Most Admired Companies category, along with FedEx, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and Nordstrom.

And, in spite of the recession, 25 companies on the list are looking to hire nearly 137,000 employees. Although Accenture was ranked 84 out of 100 on the list, the management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company leads the pack with 45,000 open positions. Consultants average $82,500 per year, while Enterprise Analysts earn roughly $52,000 annually. Deloitte (#70) is looking to fill 11,000 positions, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (#71) has 5,097 openings, Nordstrom (#53) needs 4,766 more employees and Mariott (#82) is hiring for 4,696 positions worldwide.

On the flip side, it is much more difficult to get hired on by the nation’s top-paying companies. The law firm, Baker Donelson, pays its shareholders $319,779 and legal secretaries earn $50,506, but the company only has three openings. Likewise, Bingham, another law firm, pays its associates an average of $233,800 and its legal secretaries $73,233, but only has seven empty positions.

If you haven’t taken an aptitude test yet or completed a career assessment, Career Explorer offers a free career aptitude test that will help you identity your strengths and weaknesses based on your interests, talents, hobbies and lifestyle preferences. Whatever results you receive on your career assessment test, you are sure to find a company that needs your skill set.

So, once you are done, come back and look over Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. Whether you are interested in becoming a customer service rep or a sales managers or a financial maven, the top companies all seem to agree on one thing: it’s important to be self-driven, flexible and a team player. Companies also appreciate employees who are innovative, adaptable and committed to their community.

By Career Explorer

Feb 25 2011

Stressful Jobs

The Most Stressful Jobs in America

With so many employment opportunities, it can be hard to pick the right career that fits your skills and knowledge. A career aptitude test asks you questions about your interests, skills, strengths and weaknesses. The aptitude test then gives you options on what careers may fit your personality and likes. It is not perfect, but it can help you get started on figuring out what career path you might want to consider. A free career aptitude test can be found online through many websites. However, be aware that there are some stressful jobs out there. No job is perfect, but if it’s something you love, then go for it.

One of the most stressful jobs in the United States is a real estate agent. This job is very competitive because of the many homes for sale and competitive real estate businesses. A lot of money is at stake and pay is based on commission. There is always the pressure of time because many people want to sell their homes as soon as possible. They work an average of nine and a half hours a day and the unemployment rate is between four and seven percent. Another stressful job is an advertising executive. They too are a very competitive business, under a lot of pressure, work the same hours as a real estate agent, but have higher unemployment rates exceeding 14 percent.

Public relations officers deal with a lot of competition and pressure in their nine hour work days. This industry also has a four to seven percent unemployment rate. Highway patrol officers and police officers do not deal with a lot of competition because their jobs are not fit for everybody. They spend a lot of time driving and have to be aware of reckless drivers. Commercial pilots work nine hour days with average pressure. This career is also not for everyone because many lives are in a pilot’s hand. The pressure of being in charge of a plane can be stressful for some.

Surgeons also have to deal with people’s lives in their hands. They work long eleven hour days and the stress can be high because of the competition and knowledge they must have. Taxi drivers are also under stress when a passenger is in a rush. The unemployment rate is very high because many people drive themselves or take public transportation.

Corporate executives work long business hours and deal with keeping a company profitable and well-liked. They are in charge of many things. Firefighters deal with saving lives and taking out fires quickly. Their stress levels can be high because they too work long shifts. The unemployment rate for these jobs is below four percent.

A career assessment test can tell you if what you want to major in college is right for you. It can also help people who are interested in a career change. A career assessment is a great tool in figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life.

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