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Apr 16 2010

According to the Wall Street Journal, some experts report that nearly 85% of employers “Google” a candidate before or after an interview. So, how can you create your online identity, use it to benefit you and avoid negative information? Use the following tips to get started.

  1. Create a Google profile. Creating your Google profile helps you control your information that shows up in Google. It also allows you to link any websites or website pages you are affiliated with.
  2. Create a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a professional network that allows you to reconnect with former employees, make new connections in your industry and get advice from industry experts. Changing the URL to feature your name can help you create more online awareness.
  3. Work your websites. The more you update content, comment on career relevant blogs (add a link back to your website or website page when you do) and get others to link to your website pages, the more relevant your online identity becomes.
  4. Remove as much negative information as you can. Go through your websites and make sure everything you have posted is appropriate for a potential employer to view.

Your online identity is becoming more important every day. Takes steps to control it and the next job you apply for could be yours!

By Career Explorer