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Jan 26 2010

Apple iPad tablet may actually be the future of health care

Yes, we’re very sorry we’re contributing to the Apple tablet computer rumor mill, but it was too interesting to pass up. Obligatory background stuff: Apple is working on a new device. It’s a very secret device, but the odds are high that it is a small tablet computer that runs on the iPhone operating system, making neato things like touchscreens, 3G network accessibility, a full color e-reader and customized applets a distinct possibility.

Ok so it’s a big iPhone, probably with a big price tag to match, right? Not so fast.

There are a few convening technologies and social issues that may prove to be a unique climate for the iPad’s debut on January 27. For one thing, Obama’s administration seems very acutely interested in making electronic medical records a key feature of his health care reform. And when it comes to the specs of the iPad, as they say, “There’s an app for that.”

The second factor is that students of all stripes, not just health care program students, enjoy the convenience of a laptop for their studies, but most textbooks are being sold through services for e-reader devices like Amazon’s Kindle. So Apple has a vested interest in challenging Amazon’s dominance in the textbook reader market. They can do it by combining an e-reader with a portable computer that features Wi-Fi access.

Third, the iPhone has been quite an able program for medical applications like Epocrates and iChart. Epocrates is a medical app which lets doctors view continually updated clinical data, check for drug-drug interaction, identify pills by visual characteristics and perform medical calculations. iChart is like a personal medical assistant, which stores everything from patient data to charts and lists of medications in a streamlined, organized fashion.  The problem with the iPhone is that it is too small to handle all of this data in a format that’s easy to access and read. The iPad’s rumored larger screen will take care of this problem too.

Because of electronic medical records and instantaneous treatment options are something patients and doctors can benefit from, healthcare providers want a device that can do all of this in a versatile, rugged and portable format. They basically want something that can substitute the clipboard, a scanner and a cart-mounted computer on wheels. And if Apple can deliver something like this in an attractive package and a smart price-point, health care education AND services will be revolutionized within months.

Keep your fingers crossed (unless you have to text this story to a friend).

By Career Explorer

Jan 18 2010

Always having a leg up on the competition can help when it comes to looking for a new career – so here’s a list of 5 jobs that are still off the radar that offer high potential.

  1. Occupational Therapist: Master’s degree in Occupational Studies; salary $67,920
  2. Video Game Designer: Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Game Design; salary $62,380
  3. Cybercrime Investigator: Associate of Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science; salary $46,370-$51,164
  4. User Experience Designer: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Graphic Design; salary $46,750
  5. Curriculum Designer: Master’s degree in Education; salary $59,780

Get ahead of the competition and start your training for one of these low-profile high-impact careers! CareerExplorer.net can help you find the right school!

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Jan 11 2010

After analyzing some government and private industry data, why not just spotlight a few areas around the country that are showing special needs for new hires? Do you qualify for these types of jobs yet? If not, Career Explorer can help you get trained quickly before the boom goes bust!

Texas metros – Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, to name a few.

Specialty service companies geared toward healthcare are making moves. Companies like HealthYes! are hiring people to operate new types of mobile care units that need technicians like medical assistants, sonographers, and EMTs.

Machine Trades
Madison, WI area

Appliance manufacturers are emerging from the economic meltdown in fine shape, apparently. Many factories are hiring back seasoned veterans but also making room for hundreds of new hires for jobs like electrical engineering, machinists, and welders.

Accounting and Finance
Denver, CO, eastern New Jersey, and southern Florida

Even though Wall Street had quite a crunch last year, the industry continues to find new services to sell. Services that have openings for talent range from money transfer managers for Western Union, to tax management for investment bankers. Even information technology is necessary, since the whole industry is run on computers.

Again, these are just a few areas that are opening doors to qualified people. So if you’re looking for a better industry, but need better qualifications to go with it, let Career Explorer help you find the perfect training program to get you started!

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