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Dec 18 2009

There’s no secret to getting a job in the new green economy. Obama’s administration has directed over $80 billion out of the $787 billion total of the stimulus plan that they hope will create more than 700,000 jobs. For anyone who has the training, this was the wake up for laying the foundation for a clean energy economy that will create a new generation of jobs. Do you fit in?

You may think to yourself, “I’m not trained for that scientific stuff!” But when we say “green jobs,” we’re not just talking about the engineers who design the technology, we’re talking about the people who install it, work with construction materials to support it, and run services that enhance it.

It’s as basic as applying the job skills you’ve already developed (web design, electrician, sales, business management) to a company dedicated to this new sustainable industry. And if you don’t have any specific professional training, more colleges are organizing classes to fill the growing need.

Don’t give up on finding something that gives your professional life a chance in the sun. You may be closer than you think!

By Career Explorer

Dec 9 2009

A recent Time article came out about the over-abundance of college graduates – and their under-employability.  In these tough economic times, unemployment rates for recent 4-year graduates is at a record high of 10.6% – and employers are becoming dismissive about degrees and more centered on work experience.

And, according to some career and education experts, a 4-year bachelor’s degree may simply not be the best choice for everyone.  Other options, such as vocational or technical school, may provide a much better experience.   The combination of job-specific skills, career placement services and a quicker completion time can be a powerful advantage – particularly in a high-growth area such as healthcare!

Companies are looking for employees who can’t be outsourced – and that includes many that have hands-on skills that must be performed locally, the kinds of skills learned at a career college.  A college degree can still be a strong asset in the workforce – but, as many career experts are beginning to emphasize, it’s not the only option and, for many people, it’s not the best option.

By Career Explorer