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Nov 25 2009

So like the Mayans said way back when – civilization ends on the Winter Solstice in 2012. It’s just around the corner. What do you do?

You find some professionals you can count on, and stay close. They’ll know what to do when the cities burn and the seas rage. Many of them may have graduated from your friendly local community or career college. Who are they?

They have the power to heal and know their anatomy and medications. When that Buick comes crashing out of the sky and lands on your foot, the nurse will be able to stitch your wounds, set your ankle and treat the burns. They’re invaluable companions in times of physical trauma. They are also especially effective when paired with EMTs, so don’t forget to chase that ambulance!

Auto Mechanics
Obviously you’re going to need to escape from rushing water, burning buildings and pummeling hailstorms, so you’re going to need a fast car that stays fixed. Making buddies with a mechanic is really smart, although you might have to help them carry tools and things. Small engine mechanics are also handy to have as buddies, since they can keep your zombie-killing chainsaw in working order.

Talk about your no-brainers. Gunsmiths are experts at keeping firearms functional and fit. They know their ammo, they can fix jammed rifles, and they’re usually pretty good shots, which is handy when the CHUDs come out of the sewers all hungry.

There are few ways to avoid massive walls of water, aside from taking your chances in a boat that will likely be thrashed by tsunamis. If you want to get there, you have to take to the air. Also, since there’s a 98% chance that you won’t understand the first thing about getting a jet off the ground, best to make buddies with your friendly local sky captain. Aviation school grads know how to get you safely to higher ground quickly, but they might also need a trusty aircraft mechanic to keep sailing the skies smoothly.

Electronics Technicians
Once things settle down and the smoke has cleared, you’re going to need someone to step up and make the DVD player stop flashing 12:00. Electronics technicians can fix your computers so you can find out which of your facebook friends died, fix your phones so you can call for pizza after a long day of escaping havoc, and fix your big screen TV so you can relax and watch silly disaster flicks like The Day After Tomorrow.

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Nov 19 2009

With recent concern for the environment, green building practices are becoming increasingly prominent. Expertise in green construction, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, is in high demand, and jobs are on the rise. Here are three construction jobs that will be necessary in promoting green practices.

Heat and Air-Conditioning installers: Environmental awareness has prompted the use of energy saving heat and air-conditioning units. Older units will be replaced with more efficient technology, and there will be higher demand for the maintenance of these increasingly complex systems. Boost your career with classes from a technical school, and increase your knowledge of energy-efficient heat and air-conditioning units.

Concrete pouring: Concrete is one of the most common and durable materials used in construction. With new green practices, packed gravel and permeable concrete are replacing the use of conventional concrete. Such methods encourage proficiency in water drainage. Concrete pouring skills can be in demand as methods become more specialized!

Window installers: High-efficiency windows help green buildings reduce energy usage. Recent window technology helps to maintain buildings’ internal temperatures. In addition, proper window placement on a building allows more natural light, decreasing the need for electrical lighting during the day. Learning about new window installation and placement techniques may boost your career.

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Nov 11 2009

With the push for more green technology jobs, the Department of Labor has distributed $7.5 million in green employment and training back in July 2009. There is a one requirement for this funding: this money is designated to help Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans obtain green jobs.

Organizations across the country are reaping the benefits of this new funding while helping veterans. One in particular, Swords to Plowshares located in San Francisco, has received $300,000 to help train and find veterans green jobs in the Bay area.

The employment agency is one of 17 nationwide to receive this funding and so far it’s helped several veterans transition to civilian life after their tours of duty. Some of the careers that this funding is going to are:

• Solar panel installation
• Weatherization
Green certification in HVAC

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Nov 6 2009

Want to change your job but don’t know where to start? How about with one of these:

•Air Traffic Controllers: $117,200. Typically, two to four years of training are needed in order to become fully certified, although previous military experience can cut that time down significantly.

•Industrial Production Managers: $77,670. A college degree is preferred, but not necessarily mandatory. They often work in industries such as aviation and automobiles.

•First-Line Police and Detective Supervisors: $69,300. Police officers can advance through the ranks to become supervisors by passing exams and achieving good performance reviews, and advanced training can help win promotions.

•Funeral Director: $49,620. College programs in mortuary science usually last from two to four years. You typically must also serve a one-year apprenticeship, pass an exam and obtain a state license.

•Police and Sheriff Patrol Officers: $47,460. Applicants usually must have at least a high school education, and some departments require a year or two of college or even a degree.

•Advertising Sales Agents: $42,750. 20% has a high school degree or less, and 10% have an Associate’s degree.

•Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents: $39,760. While advanced coursework is not necessarily required, new entrants must pass an exam and get a state license.

•Occupational Therapist Assistants: $42,060. These workers usually need an associate degree or a certificate.

•Occupational Therapist Aides: $25,000. These employees receive most training on the job.

•Physical Therapist Assistants: $41,360. Assistants, who have greater responsibilities, typically need an associate’s degree.

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All salary information is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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